Vi-PEC Releases Plug & Play for E36 BMW M50TUB25 – Now with Digital Knock Control!

We’re become big fans of the Vi-PEC line of ECUs.  Our own Tim Whitteridge runs a plug & play on his EVO9.  We’ve put some in the hands of high-end engine builders who have been very impressed with the features & professionalism of the system.  The inputs/outputs, control strategies and flexibility of the software simply outclasses anything in their price range.  Vi-PEC is one of the only contenders who offer real knock control, electronic throttle control, serious data logging and a Windows software interface that’s intuitive and easy to work with.  And with their entire ECU product line at or near the sub-$2000 price point, its a serious deal.

E36 M3

Vi-PEC's new Plug & Play will fit most US E36 BMWs

But now they’ve outdone themselves, venturing into a market where few plug & play ECUs have gone.  Vi-PEC has just introduced a plug & play ECU for BMW M50 motors!  It supports almost any US 6 cylinder BMW from 1991-1996.  These boxes have internal ignition amplifiers, control 100% of the stock functions including details like fuel economy gauges & automatic transmissions.  They are truly plug & play and at around $1850 an EXCEPTIONAL value.  They have extra inputs and enough capability to run turbocharger wastegate control, nitrous, water/alcohol injection and more.  The boxes have all of Vi-PECs features including anti-lag, launch control & more, and can be fitted with the Vi-PEC digital knock amp to give true closed-loop detonation control.  The boxes can use the stock AFM & narrowband O2, or can be converted to MAP, TPS & wideband O2.  The box even includes a 4-bar internal MAP sensor to make turbocharged & supercharged installations simple!

Apex Speed Technology does a lot of BMWs and has more experience with BMW standalone ECU installations than just about anyone.  Our customer cars have been featured in magazines such as European Car and EuroTuner, and have raced in Grand Am, World Challenge, ALMS & more.  Some of the fastest accelerating & highest horsepower BMWs in the world run ECUs from Apex.  With this new unit, E36 customers are going to have a lot more power & flexibility at an unprecedented value!

UPDATE:  THE VI-PEC E36 plug & play now features digital knock control standard!  NOTHING in the market comes close in terms of features and value!

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7 Responses to Vi-PEC Releases Plug & Play for E36 BMW M50TUB25 – Now with Digital Knock Control!

  1. Leo says:

    Will this plug and play into an OBD2 car or is it for OBD1 only? And would I be able to run an M52TU or M54 engine on this with Double-VANOS? I assume it is just control for single VANOS which is an on-off switch but it would be awesome if it could control the later motors.

  2. Neel says:

    Nope, its just plug and plug for the M50, not the M52 or M54. However, we have done wire-in Vi-PEC V88’s for the M52TU & M54 with excellent success; double-VANOS & e-throttle is 100% supported. The only issues with the later motors is the ECU connector is hard to get which makes a plug & play more challenging.

  3. Hejol says:

    Hello, How Vipec Plug in Ecu m50TUB25,could be connected for CDI or Vag cop coils because it have allready internar ignitor amplifier?


    Hi. I have a bmw 325i m50 non vanos ecu 402. I would like to buy this product as I have already install a turbo !! Will it fit ????
    Waiting for your response
    Thankl you

  5. Amin says:

    So you have PNP for s50b32 euro, dual vanos?