Using the Replay 1080HD camera at Bonneville – intense world record run video.

We’ve loved the Replay XD camera for a while now – its the most compact and durable camera on the market.  Now our friends at Stable Imaging Systems have done it again with their new HD camera. We’re completely convinced that the Replay XD1080 is the best camera in the market for motorsports – it takes a beating, it gives an amazing picture and at $299 its a steal.

Replay XD1080 on a swingarm

Replay XD1080 - compact HD video in the harshest conditions

We tested it extensively at the Bonneville Salt Flats over the last few weeks, where we got SCTA, FIM & AMA World Records in 2 classes.  The thing is bulletproof, with amazing picture quality.  Check out this video of Al Lamb’s 238mph record run!

Replay XD on a 238mph Land Speed Bike – fastest sit-on bike of Bonneville 2011!

Al Lamb's 238mph turbo Honda

Replay XD1080 mounted on the back of World Record Honda CBR1000

Check out these specs:

  • Built in rechargeable battery.
  • Charges through micro-usb port.
  • Records on micro-SD memory card (4GB included)
  • Live HDMI-out
  • Records in 720, 960 & 1080p
  • Compatible with: Live streaming via HDMI microwave, WiFi, 4G Transmitters & HDMI In HD Recording Decks.
  • Comes with EVERYTHING – charger, cables, billet mount, Micro SD adapter, carrying case, camera bag & much more!
  • Pro-spec lens options, external audio options, more mount options.
  • Professional level video with professional level features that’s simple to use – 2 button operation.
  • see more at




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