Quality Tuning means a Quality Dyno – Working with DC Performance

Twin-Turbo Viper from DC Performance

Twin-Turbo Viper from DC Performance, featuring Pectel ECU from Apex

Proper tuning requires a proper dyno & the right technicians.  That’s why we at Apex Speed Technology feel incredibly lucky to have DC Performance in our backyard.  Located just a few minutes down the road, they not only have  4-wheel Dynapak, but an inertial Dynojet and perhaps their most powerful weapon: Tuner, Tech, dyno-operater and all-around good guy Chis Jensen.

Singer Porsche on DC's Dynapak

Singer Porsche on DC's Dynapak

The reasons I am singling them out is their unique combination of proper equipment, service facilities and skilled staff.  Their Dynapak is one of my favorites to use.  Its very safe, its very precise and it can handle quite a bit of load.  Dynapaks are great to tune with because they come closer to approximating an engine dyno than anything else.  The engine will operate at whatever target RPM you tell it, with no issues.  Wheelspin isn’t a problem since the dyno bolts straight to the hubs.  You don’t have to strap the car down, which avoids potential damage and liabilities, and the software is excellent to use.  Comparing runs and looking at tuning variables is a snap.

Michael Essa's E92 Drift car on the dyno

Michael Essa's E92 Drift car on the dyno

But DC is not all about their Dynapak – they have a Dynojet inertial dyno too!  And nothing is better that simulating stuff like start/stop & raw, repeatable power evaluation than a Dynojet.  Why?  Because the car is accelerating a big, heavy steel drum.  Unlike most “eddy-current” dynos, on these you are moving a mass of known quantity – no electronic, hydraulic or other systems in the way.  Some people don’t like Dynojets very much, but they do things that other dynos simply can’t – like providing a reverse torque input on decel.  When doing fault diagnosis, to have dyno ready to go right next to the Dynapak is a really great thing.

Add to all of this a service facility with top-notch staff that can install, tweak or fix just about anything, friendly and professional staff, and the aforementioned very knowledgeable tuner they have in house, and you’ll realize why we take so many cars there!


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