Piper “Franken Bimmer” and Neel from Apex will be at Bimmerfest East this Saturday, Aug 6th

The Franken Bimmer is probably one of the best known projects we’ve ever done.  Its a completely re-engineered E30 BMW M3 featuring a V10 out of a modern M5, front and rear suspension out of a current generation M3, and customer electronics including a Pectel ECU featuring traction control, ABS and all wiring by Apex Speed Technology.

From the April 2010 European Car magazine:

Piper V10 in Development Testing

Piper V10 in Development Testing

Piper Motorsport worked closely with another guru-Neel Vasavada of Apex Speed Technology in California. Like Piper, Vasavada is the kind of guy you only call when you’re really ready to get serious. And just like the rest of the car, the electronics go well beyond the bare minimum.

Yours truly will be at Bimmerfest East at Ripkin Stadium in Aberdeen, Maryland on Bimmerfest East 2011Friday.  The car’s a real driver; I’ll be picking it up near Washington DC and driving the 70 or so miles up there.  So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!



From European Car Magazine

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President of Apex Speed Technology
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