MOTEC CDL3 Dash/Logger – Apex’s favorite products 2012

MOTEC’s new CDL3 dash is a well thought-out entry-level data logger/dash display, making it one of my favorite new products for 2012.

New MOTEC CDL3 Dash/Logger

MOTEC's new CDL3 Dash/Datalogger

It bridges the gap between lower-end units and MOTEC’s current model line perfectly and keeps a lot of the important features of its bigger brothers, the ADL3 & SDL3.  MOTEC was very smart in its execution – the CDL3 isn’t as cheap as some of the popular club-racing options out there, but definitely is on target when it comes to value.  For example,  $2990 gets you a dash with a harness, GPS, shift light module & 8MB of logging memory while  less than $4k tops it out with all that plus their analog/digital input/output options and pre-made wiring harnesses.  This dash features the best features of the MOTEC line – I2 software, ethernet comms, user-conditions, I/O flexibility, and powerful CAN communications capabilities.


MOTEC CDL3 Dash by Apex

MOTEC's $2990 CDL3 Track Kit shown with loom, buttons, shift light module, 8MB memory & GPS

Among professional data guys, there’s little doubt that the MOTEC dash/loggers are among the best in the world.  MOTEC has always done a great job of balancing complexity and power with ease of use and stability.  The software is rock-solid, features work the way they’re supposed to and there’s plenty of resources to help users learn how to make the most of their data.  They are among the highest quality out there; simply bulletproof in their design and build, with excellent customer support.

Coily Cord Extension for MOTEC CDL3 Buttons

Little details like the MOTEC CDL3 Coily Cord Button Extension Loom make installation and setup easy.

The CDL3 kit was built with club racers and track day guys in mind, featuring pre-made harnesses and a modular design.  They have adapters to connect to all varieties of aftermarket ECUs (MOTEC, Pectel, Vi-PEC, etc) as well as CAN-based OBD-II cars (most everything 2002+) plus Apex can make custom adapters to suit any build.

Some of the best things about the CDL3 are its ability to integrate with the rest of the MOTEC line of hardware.  Lambda to CAN modules, ECUs & Power Distribution Modules form MOTEC all integrate perfectly with the CDL3.  This system is positioned very well – its simple enough to install and setup for the track day/club racer kind of person, yet powerful enough to let people who are really into data explore.  We’ve already had some takers and are really looking forward to more of these; kuddos to MOTEC for adding an easy way to bring more people into the MOTEC fold!

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