Microtec Plug & Play equipped Ducati 996/ST3 “Pantera”

About a year ago, a gentleman named Rex from San Diego emailed me to discuss a motorcycle project he was working on.  He was talking about putting a 3-valve, air-cooled Ducati ST3 motor in a 996 chassis.  As a Ducati owner myself, my first question was “why?”  But experience told me in this case not to ask.  Rex definitely struck me as the kind of guy who knew what he was doing and he had done a lot of research on the subject so I figured it was better to help him out and find out for myself.

Panther Ducati ST3/996 Hybrid

Ducati with Microtec plug & play ECU...

And a year later, I completely understand.  Its called TORQUE! We equipped this bike with a Microtec plug & play ECU for Ducatis.  At $1200, its such an excellent value I think every fuel-injected Ducati should have one.  It allows for 2 maps per ECU, individual fuel maps for each cylinder, spark tuning, shift cut and more!  On 1198’s it preserves the stock traction control, and on all bikes it runs the stock dash while removing the pesky immobilizer.  I’ve posted this dyno graph – the air/fuel isn’t perfect as its from an earlier run, but just look at how flat that torque curve is!  Perfect for a canyon-carving streetfighter.

Ducati Dyno Chart

Dyno Graphs from Rex's bike

Here’s a little writeup on the specs from Rex:

ENGINE:  2005 Ducati ST3
Engine Case Modifications:
Swing arm pivot machined for narrower Superbike Swingarm
Swing arm pivot position relocated to meet Superbike
ECU: Microtec M197, purchased from and tuned by Neel Vasavada of Apex Speed Technology
105RWHP, 69ft-lb Torque (Very flat torque curve!)  36MPG Ave of FWY & twisties of Palomar Mountain
EXHAUST: Anthony Woodford helped weld up the 2-1 pipe, Exhaust can is CF, 60mm inlet by Danmoto.
CHASSIS: 2001 Ducati 996
SUSPENSION: 848 Fork, with Ohlins Cartridge kit, 996 Ohlins Shock.
TANK: Stock 916, with Airbox beneath
SEAT: Vintage seat from Airtech – VSM3
FRONT FAIRING: 99 – 04 Ducati SS from Airtech – 4DUC91C
SUBFRAME(s): Custom by Rex

* Blend the bubble seat into the Ducati Airbox.
* Hide the Battery.

Tuning the Pantera on the dyno

Apex Speed Technology's Neel dynoing the Pantera

Special thanks to Apex’s Tim Whitteridge for helping out with tuning duties!

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