Car Planet Racing’s E92 M3 with Pectel SQ6 ECU by Apex Speed Technology

Pectel E92 by Apex

Car Plant Racings's M3 with Pectel SQ6 by Apex Speed Technology

Car Planet Racing in Cheshire, England was facing the same problem as so many of our customers – how do we turn an OBD-II chassis into a full race car without sacrificing engine functionality?  They had an E92 BMW M3 from which they wanted maximum lightness and simplicity.  But the electronics architecture of the chassis made this impossible.  They wanted full control of their engine tuning as well but was constrained by the heavy and complicated BMW electronics system.  The solution?  Call Apex Speed Technology!

This car features a Pectel SQ6 ECU running 4-cam VANOS, dual drive-by-wire throttles, fully sequential fuel & spark, stock variable speed electronically-controlled cooling fans, stock electronic oil-level sensor and using all stock sensors and actuators.  It also features individual cylinder knock control and capabilities for advanced traction control – all out of one control box with no expanders or external module necessary.

AIM MXL Pista Dash & Switches for Apex/Car Planet

AIM MXL Dash & Custom Switch Panel

This here is WHY we do standalone kits for OBD-II cars.  The car now features a simple, racing-style switch panel that allows the driver to turn power on, select maps and start the motor.  You can also add pit lane speed limiter & traction control settings if you’d like.  The Pectel interfaces with the AIM MXL Pista dash via CAN perfectly to display crucial engine data and log it.

Interior of Car Planet E92 M3

Interior of Car Planet E92 M3

The quality of their workmanship is excellent, and we’re very proud to have been a part.  As more and more people build E92 M3 race cars, we’re convinced that this kit is going to be the best value on the market.  It comes complete with modified stock harnesses and components and bolt directly to the engines.  All you really need to run the car is power, ground, and ignition switch and hook up the throttle pedal!  Of course, there are many options for data logging, dash displays, power distribution and much more.

Apex/Pectel E92

Car Planet E92

Our plug & play swap kits with VANOS & electronic throttle control start at around $6000.  Cars with this kit have competed in the 25 hours of Thunderhill & the 24 of Dubai, and we make a swap version that allows S65 motors to be plugged directly into many OBDI or older chassis.  Call Apex for Details!


Car Planet's Workmanship


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