BMW S54 SQ6 Customer Testimonial – Mark Marquis

Very nice testimonial from one of our BMW Swap Kit customers, as posted on bimmerboost forums.  Thanks Mark!

“As you may notice from my sig pic I’m the proud owner of the S54 E36 which recently received a transplant that included a Pectel Sq6 and harness from Neel at Apex to go along with my new motor build. I’ve been running a stock s54 in my E36 with a factory ECU solution but decided to go with a standalone system for my new motor build. I wanted the flexibility, convenience, logging, traction control options and much more that a standalone solution would offer.

Mark Marquis's S54 E36

I researched the internet for months before deciding who to go with. I read lots of horror stories of guys who started standalone on an S54 and had lots of issues then went the other way to one of the factory solutions. They complained of tuners who were non-responsive and “too busy with the pro’s”. They complained of bugs and challenges getting everything working right. etc. etc. All the more reason to do my homework before deciding which way to go. Part way into my search I came across a number of internet forums dealing with Standalone systems, tuning and the like. I kept coming across posts from this guy “Neel” from Apex. That lead me to his site and his forums there. I realized very quickly that I had not come across anyone in this business who was as giving with information as Neel. He answers dumb questions (I always have lot’s of them – and I saw lots from others). His posts are never condescending. He gives far more than he receives and often helps people out with competing systems. It was the amount that he shares on the net that lead me to him. And I think it is the best form of marketing possible.

So I made contact, and asked all my dumb questions. Neel always responded professionally and educated me a great deal. We had dozens of exchanges over a couple of months. I then went looking for references. Not by asking Neel but by finding people on the web who Neel had worked with. I talked to two who had nothing but great things to say about Neel. So after all this I pulled the trigger and gave Neel the go ahead for my project.

Except for some miscommunication on the extent of the original order I could not be happier with my decision. My harness was perfect. We dropped the new engine in and hooked up the ECU/harness package in a day and a half. One of my fellow Raven racers and the guy who installed the harness and ECU remarked that if he was doing it again he’d go this route. And this guy knows his stuff. We were fortunate to have Neel there for start up. The car fired up right away. A little fine tuning and we were ready for the dyno which ended up having to happen a day later than planned. Neel was off to another client on the west coast but worked with my engine builder remotely so we could tune the car and be ready to race. We are very happy with the dyno results….

Off to my first race and I had a minor issue with fuel starvation which we seemed to get on top of at the track. As I was worried about the engine we reached out to Neel who was at a track somewhere else supporting a race team. He was responsive, reviewed my data, gave advice, and worked with us remotely to ensure we had resolved the problem. The internet is a wonderful thing. I went on to finish second at Mid Ohio at the first race for this car with the new setup.

We have to fix some low RPM issues so as not to pogo stick around the paddock and Neel is the one bugging me to get it done. Not the other way around.

As a racer there are a couple of key qualities I look for in the people I partner with in this game. Capability, and responsiveness. Unfortunately it is often a rarity to find both in one service provider. Neel and Apex have been an exception to this. Would I do the project the same way again and would I recommend Neel to my friends and associates? You bet”

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