Back in the Saddle

And just like that, 5 years went by.  I never planned to stop writing, but 5 years ago things were very different, and I didn’t necessarily feel like sharing what was going on. We were coming out of a recession, there was a lot of damage in motorsports, I’d launched a 2nd career in event production, and had a newborn son.


To be honest, Apex Speed Technology had become just a job.  So I stopped a lot of things, among them:

  • Writing
  • Promoting
  • Explaining
  • Searching
  • Enjoying

The last one is a bit of a chicken and the egg question.  Did I stop sharing because I wasn’t enjoying it?  Or did I stop enjoying it when I stopped sharing.  It wasn’t just this blog, but forums, races, conventions…. and it was never a conscious decisions.  This ostrich’s head just kind a fell into a hole.

There were commitments however, commitments to employees, customers, vendors, lenders, friends, family and all the rest.  And I’m good enough at what I do that the projects kept coming.  With each one, another commitment was fulfilled, and as daily pressures faded away, opportunity lit the horizon.  It doesn’t matter if it was a Phoenix rising just out of sight or just another dawn – I found myself planning projects, exploring new ideas and tuning systems surrounded by friends, old and new.

And then one day, someone ask:  Why don’t you write anymore?  And all my reasons were past-tense.  So here I am, with more to come, very soon.  In the meanwhile, here’s a short video from a project right after my last blog post.  The sound of a V12 makes me smile….. as does being back in the saddle.


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