Apex Speed Technology’s BMW S54 Standalone Kits

One major problem with modern vehicles is that the complexity of chassis integration makes them hard to turn into race cars or swap the engines into other chassis.  These days, engine computers are in constant communication with chassis modules, ABS computers, security systems and more.   For many cars, its nearly impossible to strip them down and just run the engine – as you want for a race car.  Apex Speed Technology has developed a solution.

This car features the Apex/Pectel standalone kit

Our Pectel S54 swap kits take over full control of these BMW engines, allowing you to remove all the stock electronics.  All you need are power & ground, a starter button and an ignition switch, and the motor will run in any chassis!

What separates Apex’s kit from others is that we take full advantage of the strengths of the BMW motor.  Our systems use every stock feature possible, including the stock electronic throttles, VANOS variable cam timing, knock control and variable speed fan control, while using all the stock sensors.  It allows you to remove the restrictive stock mass-airflow meter, and features wideband oxygen sensors for precise fuel mixture control.

Pi Caltool

Cosworth Electronic's powerful CalTool Software

The heart of this system is the Pectel SQ6 ECU featuring Pi Caltool software.  Designed by legendary Formula 1 supplier Cosworth, this is one of the most powerful ECU packages in the business.  Thanks to Cosworth’s tremendous market presence, power, in this case, doesn’t mean high cost.   No other ECU in its price class offers the kinds of features and performance as the SQ6, and none of its competitors are so well proven in professional racing.

Apex Speed Technology has used the S54 Standalone kits in some of the most advanced BMW Race Cars in the planet.  The fastest 60-130 MPH BMW in the world, built by DA Motorsports, makes well over 1000hp using almost all stock sensors and actuators, with control by SQ6.

Michael Essa's D1 Car

Pectel Powered GSR Z4 by Michael Essa

D1 Drift favorite GSR Motorsports uses Pectel SQ6 in their E85-powered Turbo Z4, with over 600hp on tap from a bone-stock engine, sensors and coils!

There are lots of options for the S54 standalone systems including advanced, GPS-based data recording, true motorsports-oriented traction control integrated with stock E46 BMW ABS, custom wiring options and electronic dashbords.  Basic systems start around $6k, but contact Apex Speed Technology for more details.  We will work with you to put together a system that is in your budget!

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