Apex Speed Technology & E30 BMW M3s

Apex Speed Technology is just finishing its 10th S14/E30 M3 engine management system

Vi-PEC E30

BMW M3 with Vi-PEC by Apex Speed Technology

kit, and we’re very proud of their success.   We’ve done cars with Pectel, MOTEC & Vi-PEC ECUs, with everything to the stock distributor on a nearly stock motor to S85 V10 conversions.  It all started 6 years ago with Bob Turnage’s ex-works Groupe N E30 M3.  A cover-car for Grassroots Motorsports magazine, this was a race vehicle from day 1, and allowed us to really learn about the E30 engine management system and how the architecture was set up.  We quickly realized that there was a lot of potential for these motors – mechanically they were excellent but held back by the ancient electronics.  The success of this system was so great, we ended up building a turbo S14 motor for use in a tarmac rally BMW 2002, which again showed excellent performance and the potential for street drivability.

Pectel M3 by RT Racing

Pectel-Powered BMW M3 Apex Speed Technology

As interest started to increase, we started looking into street car applications, where we found even more benefits and improvements.  People were building relatively aggressive 2.5L motors with big cams and 300+hp, saddled with the drivability of ECU reflashes and alpha-n conversions.  Some “big name” BMW specialists released kits for these, but they surprisingly lacked simple features like idle-air control that were the key to making these motors run well.

Apex’s is proud to have received praise from our customers for the kits we’ve done.  Here’s a post from S14.net from Apex customer Jimmy Petinato, who owns two of our systems:


Jimmy’s cars feature Vi-PEC V44 systems with mil-spec harnesses, coil-on-plug ignition

James Pettinato's E30 M3 Race Car

Jimmy's Vi-PEC controlled E30 M3

and wideband closed-loop lambda, and he’s seen success on the track since sorting out his systems.  Jimmy’s job leaves him with very little time to get his cars sorted for the track and he likes to work on them himself, so customer support and service have been a big priority.

At this point, Apex’s Vi-PEC V44 based systems have reached a level of sophistication and refinement that provides modern functionality to the

The famous Piper V10

The now-famous Piper Motorsports E30 V10 during build

E30 M3 platform at a very competitive price.  Our kits have many options including coil-on-plug ignition, turbocharger boost control, data logging, stock & aftermarket dash display integration, traction control, knock control and more.  No matter what the budget, we can provide everything from components to full kits to get the most out of the S14 motor – or whatever you choose to put in your E30.  With all that in mind however, I’d like to think that the most compelling reason to work with us isn’t the hardware, but the experience and support.  There others you can buy ECUs from, but we maintain a staff of 5 experienced technicians and engineers who have hands-on knowledge of the kits we sell.  There’s always someone available to help on the phone, via our forums or emails, and we make it a point to personally visit our customers whenever our travel schedule permits.  We’ve really enjoyed working with the E30 community and are looking forward to working with more owners and fans of these elemental and wonderful BMW M-cars.

Marc Norris's M3

Marc Norris's beautiful E30 M3 with Vi-PEC ECU by Apex Speed Technology



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