Al Lamb OWNS new Bonneville record with a 238 mph pass on a Turbo Honda CBR1000!

DJ from Apex

Apex Production Manager DJ warming up the bike

Neel & DJ from Apex are both quite a few shades darker this week from our time on the salt.  At 4400 feet, with no shade and nothing else but a white expanse of flat salt, you can never have enough sunblock.  But for one week a year, we come here to go faster than anyone in the world, and this year we’ve done it again.


We first ran the Dallas Honda CBR1000 Turbo last year.  This bike runs in the 1000 MPS-BF class, meaning its a boosted, gasoline fueled 1000cc modified partial streamliner.  In laymen’s terms, its a 1000cc turbo bike with custom bodywork but fully exposed wheels running on a stock frame.  The bike went over 200 last year with Leslie Porterfield riding it in harsh salt conditions.  It features a Pectel SQ6 engine management system controlling not only the engine but traction control systems and shifting, along with full turbocharger boost control.  The tuning was done by Neel at Apex, and this year our wiring ace Tim built a full, super-lightweight and simplified harness, completely sealed for duty in the harsh salt environment.

Al Lamb's Turbo Honda

The Record Breaking CBR1000 Turbo Race Bike

Al Lamb is a racer’s racer with over 4 decades of experience in a wide array of motorsporst.  He started in the mid 70’s in AMA Flat-track riding Bultacos and Yamahs, moving to Formula Fords in the early 80’s, then CAN-AM, Corvette Challenge,  In the 90’s and 2000s, he ran Grand Am and IMSA, all while making 3 visits to Baja aboard Honda XR650R’s.  He’s also built a successful Honda Powersports dealer which eventually grew to including locations in Colorado.  When asked how he got interested in land speed, Al says “I went to see World’s Fastest Indian (the movie about Salt Flats Racer Burt Munroe starring Anthony Hopins) and next thing I knew I was driving to Bonneville!”

The bike’s been fast.  In only its 3rd run, we beat the old record of 218  with a fastest sit-on-bike-of-the-meet so far speed of 238 MPH!  The backup run, done in gusty conditions that were scary at best, was a 219.  And that was on the short 3-mile course.  The bike was accelerating so hard, we’re hoping for 250+ on the 6 mile at the upcoming FIM meet which will make this the FASTEST “sit on” bike in history, regardless of displacement!  Special thanks to: Trevor Weiler from Honda Racing, one of the best crew chiefs I’ve ever worked with, Chris from Dallas Honda – a great fabricator & all around tech and DJ Uithoven from Apex – you couldn’t ask for a better mechanic.

Trevor, Al & Leslie

Al Lamb (center) with HRC Crew Chief Trevor Weiler & Leslie Porterfield






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